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March 28, 2019
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Want to make small cosmetic changes to your smile? Bonding could help!

Do you have a chip in your front tooth or a small gap between your teeth? Do these minor issues still make you feel embarrassed by your smilesmile? If so, then it might be time to talk to our Eldersburg, MD, cosmetic dentists about dental bonding, a simple cosmetic dentistry procedure that can repair these little flaws and give you a more attractive and even smile.

How does dental bonding work?

In order to hide these imperfections our Eldersburg, MD, dentist will match a moldable dental resin (the same material used in a dental filling) to the shade of your tooth before applying it. Once the resin is applied and properly shaped and trimmed over the defect then we will harden the resin to the tooth permanently using a special UV light. Then the tooth is polished so the resin has the same sheen as the rest of your smile.

What are the benefits of getting dental bonding?

There are many reasons why people are choosing to get bonding. For one it’s completely non-invasive so it is painless and doesn’t require needles or numbing prior to treatment. Plus, it can be completed in just a single visit so it’s a very fast and easy way for someone to improve and enhance multiple teeth. Bonding is also one of the most inexpensive cosmetic dental treatments available in Eldersburg, MD.

What issues can dental bonding fix?

Since bonding is a simple procedure it will only be able to fix minor aesthetic issues such as:

  • Cracks and chips
  • Discolorations
  • Misshapen or uneven teeth
  • Small spaces between teeth

How long does dental bonding last?

The longevity of dental bonding will depend on several factors including which tooth is being treated and the location of the bonding. For example, bonding that’s placed on the edge of a tooth will experience more biting forces and pressure, which can cause it to wear away quicker.

Are you feeling unsatisfied with your smile because of small imperfections? Want to find a dentist in Eldersburg, MD, that can improve your appearance quickly? Have any questions about this cosmetic dentistry procedure? If so, then it’s the perfect time to turn to Eldersburg Dental Group. Let us know that you are interested in getting dental bonding.


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